Connect to Digital Work Environment


Are you a student at the ICT?


Once your administrative registration is complete, you will receive an email from with a new ID and a new password as an example shown below:



It is a unique ID, which will permit you to connect to the Digital Work Environment of the ICT. This give you access to a wide selection of pedagogic tools:

· Scolaweb

· Moodle

· Mahara

· Office365





If you did not receive or lost you password, please join the following website:

Once your password is reset, you will receive your username on your personal email address.

Click « Ré-initialiser mon mot de passe »




Enter your personal email address + click on "Je ne suis pas un robot"



If you are registered in the ICT, you will receive a confirmation link. Click on this link to confirm your request:





Enter your personal email address; choose a new password to enter twice respecting the password constraints below.

Then click on "Je ne suis pas un robot" before validating your password change request.





If your entries are correct, the following message confirms that your password has been changed.





A confirmation email is automatically sent to your personal mailbox containing your login.